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Intelligences Used For Academic Success

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Is it possible for students to be successful without being aware of their strengths and weaknesses? Do students know how important is to recognize their own abilities? Do they know how to use their intelligences in order to improve understanding of a material that they have to study? Achieving academic goals is impossible without recognizing those strengths. As for me, the three strongest abilities that I possess are spatial, interpersonal and linguistic intelligence, and using them helps me to survive in academic jungle.

Spatial is one of the intelligences that help me be a better learner. Since I' m a visual type, it is helpful for me to drew pictures in order to visualize the material that I' m reading about. Also, while I study, I like to highlight important sentences. When I try to recall the lesson that I read, I know exactly where positions of those highlighted sentences in the book are. Next, spatial intelligence helps me to be successful in arranging my papers and books. Without having that ability my folders would easily turn into a big mess. To illustrate, one of my classmates called me yesterday, asking me for information about some topic that we discussed last semester. At that moment, I knew exactly in which folder I have that information.

Another intelligence that I possess is interpersonal, which is very important in relations with others, especially during school time. As for me, it's easy to make new friendships, and get in touch with people. I have changed a lot of schools so far, and if I hadn't been able to adapt, I would have given up. When I' m in the classroom, surrounded with people that I don't know well, I' m always ready to participate in discussion. Besides, I have a lot of friends. Since I' m a good listener, they always come to me with their personal problems. For instance, once when my friend was put on probation for financial aid because she didn't have good grades, she called me and asked for a help. Even though I couldn't help her materially,


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