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Are E-Cigarettes a Safe Alternative to Smoking? by Alana Biggers

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The article “Are E-Cigarettes a safe alternative to smoking?” by Alana Biggers aims to offer an overview of what are e-cigarettes, its benefits as well as its risks. The article is very conclusive as it offers every possible detail about e-cigarettes right from their inception to date. The main take away subject from the article is that e-cigarettes have not medically proven by the FDA to be safe and effective in the long-run.  Biggers however, admits that e-cigarettes are an effective strategy to quit smoking and also may be less harmful compared to the regular cigarettes. As a means to address the problem of addiction, Biggers notes that nicotine is highly addictive and hence e-cigarettes are a better alternative to help solve the problem of cigarette-addiction. Lastly, in the article, Biggers proposes a number of options that could be used to help regulate the use and access of e-cigarettes so as to help limit the access of the cigarettes by the youth people who view them more as recreational drugs.

 The article by Biggers offers comprehensive information on electronic cigarettes. Most people hold the idea that e-cigarettes do not pose any health effects to the body, yet there is no medical research that backs up the same. Throughout the article, Biggers uses logos appeals as a means to make her article credible and to better persuade the audience of the subject matter. In my opinion, Biggers presents a very professional, comprehensive and well-researched article that offers conclusive information on e-cigarettes. The use of statistics and the quoting of the professional bodies like NIDA and FID, also plays a major role in reinforcing the subject matter and in helping her to better pass across her message. Overall, the article is educational, informative and eye-opening on the whole issue on e-cigarettes.


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