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Against Abortion

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Is Abortion Justified?

Abortion, what is it? Abortion is the act of terminating a pregnancy. Is abortion ever justified? No, abortion is never justified. There are numerous alternatives to abortion. Poole tells us in many other countries abortion is entirely illegal (82). In the early 1900s until about the 1970s abortion was illegal in the United States. After the 1970s abortion was made legal in the United States. However, Rodin suggests that abortion gives confused guidance (48). Some women just think abortion is the only way out of not having the child. Three great alternatives are birth control, condoms, and adoption. Why kill an unborn child just because someone made a mistake? Why should the unborn child pay for the mistakes of the parents? Everyone should be given the chance at life. Everyone else has been able to have a chance at life why should an unborn child have the same right.

There is at least one alternative to abortion, that is both safe to the woman and the child if the woman gets pregnant does not want the child. Rather than ending an unwanted pregnancy think of giving the child up for adoption. Allow the child to live rather than kill it. Also if the woman is not living with the father of the child she could give the child to the father if the father wants the child. "In one typical case where two rights were in conflict, the right of a pregnant woman to her physical privacy trumped the family-life right of the father of her unborn child to prevent her from having an abortion."(Poole 90) A mother should not be able to take a child, unborn or not, from the father if she does not want the child. If the father should want the child she could have the child and give sole custody to the father. The father would then hold the sole responsibility of the child.

The Catholic Church thinks abortion is morally wrong. "The Catholic Church believes that life begins at conception-defined by the Church as the point at which the egg is fertilized by the sperm. The Church also feels the same about the destruction of an embryo to abortion." (Mur 13) The Catholic Church also believes that adoption is another option to abortion. Everything leads to the same option which is adoption rather than abortion. Pro-life advocates have recognized that pro-choice advocates have covered up the bloodiness and violence of abortion. (Weisberg, 586) The pro-life group supports life and does not support abortion because it is a death act against the unborn child (the fetus). Murder is a sin in every religion and abortion is murder.

Also after a particular Supreme Court case, Roe v. Wade is when the two movements, pro-life and pro-choice, came around. Roe v. Wade was also about a single woman who wanted to have an abortion but the defense does not believe that the woman should have the abortion because the abortion of the unborn child is murder. The Supreme Court decided that the woman had the choice, because it was her body; therefore giving women the freedom to terminate any pregnancy they have that they do not want. Merrick suggests that the pro-life movement began in response to the verdict of Roe v. Wade, holding that life begins at conception and abortions constitutes the murder of a helpless unborn child.(21) Pro-life advocates say that pro-choicer does not deny women's access to abortion and women's' ability to enjoy guilt free sex. (Dowd 236) If someone wants guilt free sex she should make sure the man uses a condom or she should use birth control or even use both. Using both a condom and birth control helps reduce the risk of an unwanted pregnancy. After Roe v. Wade abortions were made legal giving women the freedom to have unprotected sex and giving them the freedom to terminate a pregnancy that they did not want if they became pregnant.

With other options to choose from rather than having an abortions, young women should protect themselves or live with the responsibility of getting


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