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Organizational Behavior Terminology

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Understanding and knowing management terminology is important for managers to know in order to be a successful and well understood manager. In order for a manager to be successful, liked and well understood by his employees, the manager has to know what he is discussing and have an answer for virtually every challenge that my occur within his department. Organizational behavior is defined as the study of individuals and groups in organizations. The study of organizational behavior helps a manager better understand his employees and the different personalities within his department. There are five sources of scientific methods of organizational behavior which are, field studies, which has to do with real-life organizational settings, laboratory studies which is simulated in a controlled environment, case studies, which occurs when one particular situation is looked at in-depth , survey studies which occurs when questionnaires and interviews are done in a sample population and last is meta analyses, which is the use of statistics to pool results of different studies.

Contingency plans are always in need by managers, no manager knows the challenges one might face on day to-day situations within the business. At Centex homes contingency plans are made by all of the managers of every department within Centex. Within the accounts payable department of Centex Homes there are two check runs a month the first is on the fifteenth of the month and the second is on the last day of the month. At Centex are lien releases are required from all are vendors in order to process payment to them. If a vendor is reluctant to send a release before the check run then they will not get a check sent out to them. Centex Homes works with their vendors and pays them in a timely manner in return for quality work. A contingency plan that Centex has to make sure that the vendors get paid is manual check runs; a manual check run occurs when a check can be cut on any day with a controller's signature, Centex does that in order to keep are vendors happy.

Organizational culture is defined as the shared belief and values that influence the behavior of organizations members. Within Centex and their many different departments and all those departments have strong beliefs in their employees to be motivated, innovative, they have to practice teamwork and they have to stay focused on the common goal for the company and the shareholders. Centex is also a highly diverse company with all types of different based gender, race, age and sexual orientation. Centex Homes has a common goal and that is to be profitable business for everyone form the employees to executives and, of course, the shareholders, discrimination will not play any part of holding back the company from their goals over the different types of people who work for Centex.

Communication plays a heavy role for a manager within any company setting. Managers have to have the ability to speak to their employees with a strong sense of authority so that the employees respect their managers. Managers are also required to have excellent communication skills; there are many different job duties that managers have to be able to explain clearly so that all the employees can complete their daily tasks. There also has to be good communication between the different managers within the organization in order to make sure that everyone is aware what is going on within the company.

Organizational effectiveness is the sustainable high-performance in accomplishing mission and objectives. Within an organization of any type the managers have to put fourth goals in which he or she expects to be met by the whole department. A good manager will help there employees any way possible in order to reach a common goal. Poor managers will leave the employees to do all the work wit little explanation on what needs to be the end product. A


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