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Marketing Audit

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Marketing Audit Approach

I have chosen to conduct a marketing audit on Blockbuster. Blockbuster Inc. is a leading global provider of in-home rental and retail movie and game entertainment, with over 9,000 stores worldwide (Blockbuster, 2006).

The following is an action plan on how to develop this audit for submission in Week 6.

An Action Plan

Executive Summary:

a. The information in this part of the audit will cover conclusions and recommendations to management.

b. Key resources will be included in this section to help gain credibility of the report findings.

c. I plan to do this part of the paper during Week 6 of the class.

d. Challenges will be offering suggestions for strategic marketing adjustments and possibly optimization of marketing resources. Another challenge will be ensuring the reader is provided with pertinent information that will provide thorough, yet brief, objective and accurate accounts of the business.

Table of Contents:

a. This information should be easily identifiable based on the predetermined sections of the audit process.

b. There is no analysis in this section of the audit.

c. I plan to do the Table of Contents during Week 6 as part of the finalization of the paper.

d. I do not anticipate any challenges with this section of the paper.

Environmental Aspects:

a. In this section of the audit, I plan to review 3 elements: Markets, Competition, and Culture. This could change once the research begins. The technology and/or economic factors may be a major contributor to environmental aspects than culture or markets factors. Plunkett Research database found in the University of Phoenix library has already given me some insights on what types of information and data to include in the audit process.

b. Trends affecting the entertainment and media industry, market research and sales data as compared to competitors are some of the analysis I might perform on the data I collect for this process.

c. As this will be one of the lengthiest sections of the paper, I will begin work on this immediately. My goal is to have this section completed by end of Week 4.

d. The most challenging part of this section of the audit will be choosing the most appropriate environmental aspects to include in the paper. Also, the analysis of the data


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