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Defining Marketing

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Marketing is one of those things that surrounds your everyday life and you don't even realize it. A challenge of a good marketing manager is to make a person or customer to not even realize that they are targets of a marketing campaign. To define marketing in my own words; giving products a place to perform or show to enhance a buyer. Marketing is a truly important function of business. It is basically the wheels of motion to get a business to profitability. For example, a merchant has a "widget" that can solve a lot of problems. The steps involved in getting the widget to the customer and coercing them to buying it are all aspects of marketing. How can something be sold unless it is marketed? It is a basic fundamental of business.

Wikipedia defines marketing as "the process or act of bringing together buyers and sellers." One of the things a business must first consider is what product or service can be offered to the customer, build it and then how to deliver it. Any company can provide a product or service, but how do they get it to the buying public? This is where marketing comes in. Marketing is a broad and challenging subject. It has the power to make or break a business.

One very key component in marketing for the 21st century is the concept of web-based marketing. As a matter of fact, this form of marketing is growing faster than any other medium. One particular company-International Mold Steel hired a marketing company to reinvent them to their customers. Their new marketing techniques included; 3 new website designs, electronic forums, E-newsletters, PR and advertising among others. Many companies seek outside influences to help expand and give fresh knowledge to generate new and healthy ideas. Website design is critical to any growing business, especially in the age of globalization. Customer base can increase ten-fold with the aid of an attractive and user friendly website.

Of course radio and TV are still top marketing engines. Many companies can come up with catchy slogans or offer special deals that generate lots of attention to both the product and company. Another key focal point on marketing is attention. Its that yellow daisy in a patch full of weeds that grabs the eye. So it is with key marketing ads on TV and radio.

One popular slogan in the early 80's was the "where's the beef?" ads by Wendy's. Those commercials became so popular that they became a part of pop culture for that time. Thats when you know that you have created a winner when you start seeing your catch phrase on t-shirts.

One lesser know form of marketing is basic word of mouth. This can be the kiss of death for many business or the kiss of blessing, depending on what is being said. All the TV ads


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