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Dawkins Says God Is Not Merely Untenable but Superstition, Credulity, and Magical Thinking

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Dawkins says that science could never disprove God. Dawkins acknowledges the existence of God by saying, “just because science can explain almost everything, that it is wrong to say that we don't need God. Dawkins believes that the possibility of a God existing is vanishing small. He says were in the same position right now with religion like we were with the gay movement a couple years ago. Finally, Dawkins does not disagree with myths, but he disagrees with tolerating them. Dawkins is an atheist and his arguments against religion is that it is very unlikely that their is a God. In summary Dawkins says “God is not merely untenable but superstition, credulity, and magical thinking.

Sam Harris argues that, unless we renounce faith, religious violence will soon bring civilization to an end. He believes since some religions see opposite that followers get to upset and violence breaks out. Sometimes it results in conflicts but it can also lead to war and many unnecessary deaths. Harris believes that religion could end the world. His reasons are that politics and wars all start due to people disagreeing about religion. He thinks that religion has a lot of influence in wars and politics.

Bennett is a evangelizing non believers. He argues that neutral, scientifically informed education about every religion in the world should be mandatory in school. He believes that children should be ensired that they confirm their faith when they are adults and faith goes extinct. Bennett believes that children should be informed and taught about religion so that they have the knowledge and they can teach ot to their kids if religion ever goes extinct.

b.I think that Bennett's arguments has some flaws. I don't think religion would ever go extinct even if we didn't teach it in school. This is due to social media and written records. I say this believing that phones and computers would still be around in the future. I think it would


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