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A Comparative Analysis Of Reliance Pco Business With Other Service Providers

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Under the guidance of

Prof. Swapan Das Gupta

(Session: 2006-08)


Roll No. Name Section Group No.

42 Mr. Lalit Jain



20 Mr. Anurag Singhal

44 Mr. Manu Jha

43 Mr. Manish

27 Miss. Banish Razdani




1. Company Profile 7

2. PCO Market In India 12

3. The Report 21

4. Objective Of The Study 23

5. Methodology 25

6. Competition in the PCO Market 28

7. Findings & Analysis 38

8. Recommendations 41

9. Questionnaire 43

10. Reference 46


It is almost inevitable to incur indebtedness to all who generously helped by sharing their invaluable time and rich experience with me, without which this project would have never been accomplished.

In the beginning, I convey my sincere thanks to Mr. SWAPAN DASGUPTA for granting me opportunity to work with an esteemed organization. He has been benevolent enough to lend help and spare his valuable time throughout this project.

He has been immensely contributive with his ideas, constructive criticism and motivation which were the guiding light during the entire tenure of this work.

I also extend my heartiest thanks to the Indian Institute of Planning & Management faculty members for the regular assistance all through the project.



It is well evident that work experience is an indispensable part of every professional course. In the same manner practical training in any organization is must for each and every individual who is undergoing management course.

Without the practical exposure one cannot consider himself or herself as a qualified capable manager. During the training period the student learn through his own experience, the real situations of the corporate world and to put his theoretical knowledge in to practice. This experience is very valuable for the student and plays a leading and an important role in career of the student.

Entering the organization is like stepping into altogether a new world. At first everything seems strange and unheard but at the same time when the time passes one understands the concepts and working of the organization and thereby develop professional relationship.

Initially, it is felt as if classroom study was irrelevant and it is useless in any concern's working but gradually it is realized that all the basic fundamental concepts studies are linked in one or the other ways to the organization. It is just a matter to modify the theory so as to apply it to given practical solution. I sincerely believe that there is no better place to learn this practical side of management than the industry itself.


The project included a thorough Market Analysis for this particular assignment. The Market so covered was in "South Delhi". Initially we analyzed the Market Category and then accordingly segmented it to do a proper study of the entire competition prevailing in the Market.

Later we in a team also got involved in Sales to exactly know how to interact and deal with customers. This also helped us in getting the knowledge of the PCO schemes prevailing in the market.

The PCO market is by and large a very important market, as still majority of the customers use this service than to mobile service.

But to the contradiction of our initial survey we found out that the PCO market may be heading towards stagnation if new and attractive schemes are not provided to customers, since mobile companies have slashed their tariffs heavily and this has made cell phones so affordable that it is slowly but gradually becoming one of the major head aches for the PCO market.



Reliance India Mobile, the first of Infocomm's initiatives was launched on December 28, 2002, the 70th birthday of the Reliance group founder, Late Shri Dhirubhai H. Ambani.

Reliance at a glance:-

Late Dhirubhai Ambani built Reliance from scratch to be in the reckoning for a place in the Global Fortune 500 list. This achievement is even more significant due to the fact that the entire growth was achieved in an organic manner and in a span of just 25 years. Dhirubhai was not just firmly rooted in traditional Indian values, but was also a quintessentially modern man - the man of the new millennium. This was clearly reflected in his passion for mega -sized projects , the most advanced technology and the highest level of productivity


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