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Chipsbuttowski Malaysia

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We aim to create high quality and tasty chips. The vision of Chipsbuttowski Malaysia is to play a leadership role in sustainable potato production in Malaysia.


Potatoes Malaysia is an industry organisation that supports the potato producers (ware, seed potatoes and processing) within each region in Malaysia to continuously perform optimally by Continuously striving towards free market principles .Managing user-orientated research and potato breeding. Providing all role players with strategic industry information. Ensuring that all consumers have continuous access to quality products. Developing and expanding the local and foreign potato markets .


  • Client trust and satisfaction
  • Producer trust and satisfaction
  • Effective resource utilisation
  • Tasty product


Chipbuttowski will follow a similar strategy as Frito-Lay  Strategy used: (55% of market share) Target multiple segments to ensure consumer satisfaction  Promise The belief that we can all benefit from doing good. From going the extra mile today to using the highest quality ingredients and taking small steps to make food more convenient we can make a big difference tomorrow  We continue to innovate so we can provide tasty products that are good as well as fun. We've had a lot of good times along the way, and we'll continue that as we look to the future Frito-Lay was chosen because Chipbuttowski targets the same group of consumers as Frito- Lay, and satisfies the same needs.

Socioeconomic Characteristics Gender – Male & Female (Teenagers of both genders eat chips)  Age – Teenagers (like snack food, not health conscious, have purchasing power) Occupation – Students (need a quick alternative for a busy lifestyle on the go)  Income – Low to Medium Income (Chipbuttowski dip is cheap enough to purchase on a Teenager budget, parents can purchase it for their kids). High price vs. competition but can be purchased on a low to medium budget  Education – High School (attend parties, heavy users, and need a dip to go with their favourite chip)

For teenage high school students who want a delicious, mess-free alternative to traditional dipping sauces, Chipbuttowski Savory Sauce is a premium-priced chip dip that offers a mess-free, great-tasting experience.

A traditional dip has many inconveniences Chips often break in traditional dips Large, round, and glass containers are awkward to transport and pose a possibility for leaks and shattering  Wide mouthed jars make dipping chips risky to germs from double dippers and contamination from other external environmental factors  Chipbuttowski Savoury Sauce has many conveniences Mess free due to its easy pour top Great-tasting experience High Quality

 Fresh, quality ingredients Family-Size Serving (9 oz.)  Single-Size Serving (3.5 oz.)  Bright colourful label with Pringles brand name  Plastic bottle base with rectangular nozzle

Convenience Easy to use, no-mess, easy pour bottle Quality ingredients Julius Pringles logo will appear consistently on Pringles Savory  Sauces Colours used on packaging red and yellow. The hippest anywhere, anytime easy pour sauce that will rock your taste buds and groove with your favorite chip Pringles most radical lick!

Skimming Pricing Strategy Pringles Savoury Sauces needs to be differentiated and perceived as a higher quality product in comparison to competitors because of the unique packaging and different flavours offered Pringles Savoury Sauces will be positioned in the market as a more convenient packaged and better tasting dip Because we are following a differentiation strategy, we are charging higher prices

Key Messages Convenient Packaging Great Taste Tone and Manner Musical, fun, and upbeat Pringles will use this tone because we are targeting teenagers. This will get their attention, and relates to original Pringles ads

Communication Target Communicating with  users (teenagers ages 13 to 19 years old) Communicating with buyers (mothers)

More on Chipbuttowski strategy

From a packaging perspective, Procter & Gamble's success formula with its Chipbuttowski brand revolves around on a global strategy that's executed to answer local market conditions

Hashtagging is like a commitment. Everyone knows that once something has gone online, it stays there and nothing can be erased. Hence, when brands use it as a promotional method to increase engagement amongst consumers, they need to do it prudently. If hashtags are not being used or created correctly for a brand campaign or a brand event, it may have a negative impact on a brand’s image and as a result could deteriorate its reputation or worse, its value. Some of the big brands such as McDonalds, Waitrose and J.P.Morgan  have also failed to coin a perfect #hashtag that could work in favour of the brand, rather they have been battered on twitter by consumers

Let’s look at the successfully running “#YouDontJustEatEm” campaign. Wondering who did this campaign? You guessed it right! Its Chipbuttowski!

At the beginning of this year, Pringles launched its #YouDontJustEatEm campaign. They started this campaign to engage and interact with their fans on social media, namely on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. They asked their fans to post pictures, videos and tweets @Chipbuttowski with #YouDontJustEatEm and tell them what else they can do with Chipbuttowski, other than just eating them.

They have spread their campaign across all mediums, from traditional to online media. You can find #YouDontJustEatEm everywhere from print to videos along with social media. Chipbuttowski has been successful in encouraging its fans to interact with the brand and to showcase their creativity. Having #YouDontJustEatEm on packaging to social media has ensured that fans react.

Chipbuttowski has not just crowdsourced through social media for answers to their question “#YouDontJustEatEm, so what can you do with them?” but also incorporated the co-creative platform eYeka for more creative answers, content and ideas, to elevate their engagement strategies. With eYeka, Chipbuttowski wants to elevate the effectiveness of this campaign. They wish to use the crowdsourced content of the winners of the print and video contests on eYeka to further enhance engagement with their fans on social media.


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