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Who Is the Target Market for Gourmantra? Describe Them and Discuss Why You Think Gourmantra Has Been Successful So Far

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MRK 106 summer 2018

Assignment #22

Question 1:

Who is the target market for Gourmantra? Describe them and discuss why you think Gourmantra has been successful so far.

Busy household who want healthy meal, people who like Indian food, People who like food with spice, people who want inexpensive meal, people who doesn’t know how to cook, and people who wants healthy food.

They offered packaging of spice and ingredients with exception of meat and it could ease customer’s trouble to find every product which they are or not familiar with, they offered sampling program and people love samples, it provided quick healthy and cheap meal set, the company collected data from their research and upgraded further to satisfy customer therefore, they are successful.

Are there any other group/ segments that you believe Gourmantra could target and be successful? Why?

Canada is an international country with a lot of foreigner from all over the world so most people miss their country’s food so if they offer Japanese packaging, Panamanian packaging, European packaging, Chinese packaging, Korean packaging, or any country. They can also target business-to-business in order to reach international market because in other countries, there are immigrants or locals who wants to taste authentic food from the country of their choice. They could also target students from high school or college because most of them are eating fast food chain which is not very healthy so maybe implementing school’s cafeteria’s menu to have the option to eat gourmantra’s food is a good way to expand the business.

Write a brief positioning statement for Gourmantra- imagine that you are briefing an ad agency that is going to design the packaging and promotion plan for Gourmantra and this positioning statement is the agency’s blueprint or guide for everything that they do for Gourmantra.

Gourmantra is SMART. Safe, modern, affordable, ready, and tasty.

Question 2:

Name and briefly describe the stages of the Product life cycle. What are the key marketing objectives at each stages?

  • Introduction stage: this stage, the product is introduced or appear for the first time in the market world and their key is to position itself in the customer minds, to make their product known, and stimulate or enhance people’s necessities to purchase it.
  • Growth stage: is the second stage of the product life cycle, in this stage many competitor will bring disadvantages so the product which is advertised need to find a purpose on lifestyle on why should it bought and what difference it has than their current competitors. Therefore their marketing objective is to create a better version of the product, stand out from competitors, and gain distribution.
  • Maturity stage: is when the hype over the product has slowed down and people who buy it are repetitive users, routine users. In this stage it is necessary as marketing key to hold onto the marketing attention like controlling the product so it won’t disappoint and could lead to future increase in profit, decrease marketing cost like distribution, production, promotion, advertising and other.
  • Decline stage: occurs when people are buying less and less the product each period. The marketing key are two options which is deletion or harvesting. Deletion is when the company stop paying attention to that product but still produce it because there are still some small population that still uses their product because of routine or preference. The other stage is harvesting which means that the company reduces marketing costs and retain the product trying to maintain customer’s needs.

What stage is Gourmantra at now? What do you think is the most important & critical part of their marketing strategy at this stage that will allow the brand to grow and be profitable?


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