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Discourse Community Analysis Essay

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Into the gaming world

We come across various paths in life while reaching our destination. My dad always said, “Your life doesn’t choose your way, you choose your way of life.” Perhaps this made me live my life by my rules. We decide the journey we take and the people we meet. During this journey, we find groups that share common interests, ideas, goals, beliefs and have distinct ways of communication. Such groups of people are discourse communities. In my experience, the discourse community I can best relate to is gaming. It all started in 2012 when my father gifted me a laptop on my birthday. It was a SONY VAIO laptop with pre-installed Counter-strike Global Offensive (CS: GO - a team based first person shooter gameplay based on teamwork with clash between two teams in objective based rounds). A pre-installed CS: GO? I just didn’t believe my eyes, but the game was right in front of me like it was waiting to be played. It was indeed my best birthday present. As we didn’t own a computer before that, I used to go to cyber cafes and play games. Maybe my father remembered the time I had once told him about how I enjoyed playing games especially shooting games. I was paying money to play games on computer but now something that I had been paying for such a long time was suddenly something I didn’t have to pay at all. It was finally mine. Finally, I had my own laptop. Imagine how much time would a person spend in their own laptop when they were literally paying money just to use one of those. I was into my laptop, my game, for days. I became a gaming freak. Maybe this was the journey my dad was talking about. Maybe I had finally found my way of life. That one laptop and that one game was my way into the gaming world. There could never have been a perfect birthday gift than this. A gift that would connect me to people so close and make a community out of it.

I believe my official involvement in gaming community commenced when I started playing with the players worldwide. Playing online games was problematic at first because the only internet service my family could afford was the dial-up connection. Now, the dial up connection in my home country at that time was quite slow compared to the modern internet services now. I had to go through lots of lags (perceptible interruption between the players’ actions and the server’s reaction in the game). Though I struggled at the beginnings, I continued. I worked day and night to improve my skills and prioritized gaming. Then, as I became accustomed to the sluggish internet I was using, the situation normalized. As time passed, it turned out that the real problem was yet to be uncovered.  I was just used to playing the solo format, but the multiplayer platform was vast beyond I could imagine. The real challenge was to play with real people in multiplayer platforms instead of bots which I used to play against in solo formats. Though I had considered myself the best, I realized that I hadn’t thought about how the other players online would be. The multiplayer games taught me that there’s always someone better than me and there’s always that constant need to improve oneself.  

Within my discourse community, I founded a club in my high school named ‘Gamers circle’ with my fellow classmates which has developed perpetual friendships and creating many memories. I met people there who are integral part of my life now. Being the leader of a newly instituted club, was not easy as I had anticipated. Setting goals and being determined to reach that was the most important step which determined my credibility towards club members. I organized team meetings, chose the managerial hierarchy of the club, designed the club’s posters and promoted our club in various events in our high school. We were involved in organizing game fairs and events in regular basis. With the money collected by selling the tickets of our fairs and other surplus amounts, we would gift gaming consoles to the enthusiasts so that they could be a part of our community as well. Through this club, we have all picked up a few skills and knowledge, which has made us improve ourselves in a scale we couldn’t even imagine.



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