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Alfred Higgins and His Irresponsible Actions

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Essay Preview: Alfred Higgins and His Irresponsible Actions

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Alfred Higgins and his Irresponsible Actions

In the short story “All The Years of Her life” by Morley Callaghan, Alfred is an irresponsible teenager who does not think about the consequences to his actions. To begin with he dropped out of high school and doesn't have a solid plan for the future. Due to Alfred leaving high school that's where many of his irresponsibility started “Ever since Alfred left school he had been getting into trouble wherever he worked,” (Callaghan 9). This shows he is irresponsible because without a high school diploma he is limiting his chances of getting a stable, well paying job and being able to live comfortably in the future. Secondly, he keeps on stealing from the places he works at, which results in him getting fired. At the end of the shift Sam Carr the boss at Alfred's work catches him stealing and says “You've got a compact a lipstick and at least two tubes of toothpaste in your pocket. Petty thieving eh, Alfred” (Callaghan 8). This shows why he can't keep a job for long term he's always stealing things from his job, and having his mother bail him out of any trouble he might have gotten himself in. After his mother has gotten him out of trouble with Sam Carr Alfred attempts to make conversation but his mother quickly shuts it down by saying “Be quiet. Don't speak to me. You've disgraced me again and again. That's the last time. Thats all im saying,” (Callaghan 11) This shows that Alfred's mother is so tired of her sons recklessness, no matter how many times she has to save Alfred from getting in trouble she seems to think at this point he will never change his ways. Lastly, Alfred does not have the self control to save up his money so he spends it all with his friends. When Alfred's mother confronts him about where his money went he says “ I've been spending my money going with the guys” (Callaghan 10) Due to his



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