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Trenna Wicks

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Trenna Wicks

Trenna Wicks is a physical therapist who specializes in the treatment of pregnant woman. Her age has not been posted but she did graduate from Russell Sage College in 1957 which would lead one to believe that her age is in the ballpark of 64 years of age. She was born in the United State and continues to run a practice in Pennsylvania. She also received a PhD in Physical Therapy from Russell Sage College in 1987. She has spent time in France and Canada doing post graduate work.

Though her primary background is in myofascial release, her works of the better half of her life have been with pregnant women. She pioneered the research of the Sacroiliac joint that is the primary cause of back pain in pregnant women. She also developed simple tests, such as the step test, to diagnose the problem.

She developed two supports for women that are expecting. The first is called the Lil' Lift. It's design is similar to a belt. It slips around the small of the back and the underside of the belly. It gives very minor support for early stages of pregnancy.

The next invention is known as the Baby Hugger. It is worn similar to a pair of suspenders with full bottoms to fully support a woman in her final stages of pregnancy. Both of these innovations has allowed pregnant women to have reduced back and pelvic pain during their pregnancies.

Trenna as for mentioned still runs a practice today in Pennsylvania. Her works are still focused on problems in the lower back and she continues to consult pregnant women.


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