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Security is essential to maintain a functioning network and productive employees. These security recommendations should be implemented to ensure a safe and secure operating network where there are minimal fears from outside influences such as viruses, spam and hacking activities. An electronic workplace policy will be implemented to protect the network from within. All employees are required to follow the electronic workplace policy which states that they are not to install any unauthorized software or hardware on company equipment. Violations of the electronic workplace policy will be grounds for disciplinary action leading to termination of employment. This is a necessary tactic used to ensure business equipment is used for business and not for personal pleasure or personal business.

To protect this size of a network from viruses and worms, there will be an email and file extension filtering program that scans through the Los Angeles central location. The product we recommend is created by Symantec. It is the corporate edition product which allows the freedom from user input. The closed loop automation process allows the detection of new and existing viruses and worms, and the removal of these viruses and worms. The definition file will be updated on a daily basis and will happen at an optimum time where the network usage is at its daily low. There is also an automatic quarantine for files which have become infected and a secure transmission back to Symantec for analysis. This virus protection software will be implemented through a silent install to all users across the network.

As for spam attacks, we recommend F-Prot solution for this major problem. F-Prot provides full email scanning and up to date definition files for known spammers. This type of software will eliminate the unwanted emails for all of the networks users. The product will automatically update spam/virus signatures and quarantine these problems.

There is also a need for protection from hackers. There is state of the art software program and tools to prevent malicious attacks on your network. We recommend the solution from NFR Security. The Sentivist solution protects against Denial of Service (DoS), Intrusions, Malicious Code, Command Tampering, Backdoor and Buffer Overflow attacks. There is a real threat to a network everyday and this program will protect your multi city network.

We will protect the network both LAN and WAN by installing a firewall and web monitoring software called Websense. The firewall will protect the network. Network protection via the firewall will include stateful packet inspection, which inspects the header information carried in each packet but also, it will also examine the contents of the packet all the way to the application layer. The firewall admin will have the ability to implement rules to ensure network integrity through the firewall. The firewall will also control the user's access to the outside World Wide Web and also filter content with Websense. The Websense product will prohibit company users from viewing objectionable material through our network. This


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