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Ebay Web Analysis

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Web Site Analysis


Domain name and IP adress


1.Attract Buyers and Sellets

2.Attract Small businesses

3.Advertise sellable products

4.Display advertisers

Privacy Policy

Very well organized, and very extensive. Covers issues regarding children, minors. Also covers important issues like password information, credit card information, and e-mail address privacy.


Very bright and flashy interface, makes the user feel like this site is important. Lists big ticket items for sale such as computers that helps the user feel like the site is a dependable legitamate business site.

Dislikes: The cluttered interface can often seem overwhelming for first time visitors. The large flash advertisements also tend to draw the users attention away from E-bay's service and more toward it's advertisers.

The availability of both listed categories as well as a particularlly useful search engine make e-bay a very easy site to get around on. Users can search based on a variety of preferences, including price, sellers, and other factors that can influence a customers decision. I don't think there is enough for visitors who are new to e0bay, however. An easily viewed FAW does help off-set this some.

Favorable Design Elements

Bright, flashy colors, a wide variety of it's products are listed in a reasonable manner


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