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Social Security

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Solving the Social Security Problem

The social security problem is one of the biggest problems that face Americans today. Originally the program was set up to help senior citizens that did not have enough money saved up to live on after they have passed the age of retirement. Today's society is running into another problem, which is the fact that more money needs to be put into the social security account in order to pay elderly. As the baby boomers retire we find that this large age gap will start decreasing the surplus that is in the account now. By more people retiring than contributing we will run into a shortage soon.

I propose a plan that would allow for the government to invest it back into the economy. With the problems we face in the economic sector today, which include high unemployment and stock market fluctuations, we need to take measure to fix these problem as well. By having the government take the excess money which is in the account right now and invest it into private companies we will take care of two problems at one time. The money, if invested properly, will bring in cash flows which will assist the fund with monetary returns. Investing in companies that are in the NYSE will also assist in the raising of the market as a whole. By raising the overall price of the market we will do many things. First the government will bring money into companies that have cash flow problems. The cash flow problems will be solved which will assist the companies in hiring more employees which will decrease the unemployment rate. Secondly by raising the value of stocks the investors will also benefit and thus having a higher income. Which in return will raise their income and the level in which they will be contributing to the social security fund.

This solves multiple problems that face the economy today. It comes with problems though. The government will have to be careful what they invest in. If they


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