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Should Men Be Blamed

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We need to find value in our hearts and minds, not our bodies. Sisters should stop submitting to a societal push to look more like the off touted. Women please stop denying who you are as individuals, stop altering your bodies to appeal to men’s desires in the hopes of being thought of as more beautiful. The ideal beauty is a blonde, blue eyed, flat stomach white woman and just like coca cola anywhere you go: you will find that type. Let me clarify there is no rule that says you need to have fake breasts, own a fake hair, fake tan, fake complexion, fake nails and fake teeth. The new society trend is that SOME WHITE WOMEN want to be black and SOME BLACK WOMEN want to be white. Women risk killing themselves while going through the transformation. My favorite rapper Nassir Jones said Bleaching cream will make better “White girls tanning, liposuction, fake titties are implanted, fake lips that’s life destruction. Light skin women, bi-racial hateful toward themselves, denying even their blood”

The ideal of beauty is changing a great deal. One would assume that the ultimate ideal in black women would automatically be dark ebony skin, big brown eyes, big lips and a short nose, since those are characteristics that most black women have.

Because dark skin is going out of style very quickly, women feel they cannot get respect or any attention if they do not find a way to keep up. I hope that one day women who bleach their skin will be able to appreciate their natural dark selves. If one accepts and loves both every good quality and flaw in them, they will, in turn, cause individuals in their surroundings to do the same. Africa is where black originated, and it should be where every shade of black skin is exalted. If African-Americans, despite the hardship of slavery and post-slavery, choose to stay black and managed to make the Afro a trend and a form of empowerment for black women, why can't African women do the same for dark skin? Africans shouldn't be infatuated with European features because Europeans only care about selling their movies to Africans and making profits out of their labor. Even if an African or Caribbean woman bleaches her skin to the point that she looks Caucasian, she will never be considered as one by those outside of her society. Just like in the United States, in Europe one drop of black blood makes you entirely black, so why do these women still bleach their skin knowing they will never become white? A crazy well known fact is that in many Arab families the whiter looking children are the most preferred. People will often respond positively to the lighter-colored child and simply ignore the darker one.

Other explanations to the hunger for bleaching creams are that it is simply a trend of beauty. Like many American and European women are obsessed by their weight or wrinkles, an obsession with some black women is skin color. The trend may have started through racist ideas, but I do not think most women are conscious about that,

It is no surprise to me, European influence and colonialism still has its influence in its former colonized countries. Due to colonial influence, Africans, depending on location, speak either French (French influence) or English (British influence). These influences not


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