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Secondhand Smoke Is Hazardous To One's Health

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Dale and the Blooming Onion

Once upon a time there was a god named Dale . Dale was a very friendly man; after all, he was from the land down under! He lived up in the clouds over Australia with other gods. He was a very handsome, kind and loving man, but the one thing about Dale that was the most conspicuous was the fact that he was an excellent cook! He prepared all kinds of delicious food and he made it for anyone who asked. Dale's cooking always kept him occupied.

Now there were many goddesses that were interested in Dale, and he was nice to them, cooking them low carb, low fat, and low sugar foods all the time. However, there was one woman that really stood out from all the rest, and her name was Katrina. Katrina was different from the other girls. She was much nicer and liked Dale for who he was and ate anything she wanted.. One day, Katrina and Dale were talking. "Boy, I love blooming onions." Katrina said to Dale. "If you want, I can make you one." Dale told Katrina enthusiastically. "That would be superb!" Katrina exclaimed. But the truth was, Dale had never made a blooming onion before, let alone work with an onion.

Dale was very determined to make the best blooming onion ever; on an account of he liked Katrina very much. Dale had a very good recipe and so he started preparing the dish. The first step was to peel the onions, and was Dale in for a surprise! He cried and cried, oh did the onions make him cry! Dales tears were raindrops pouring on the land below. Once Dale was finishes peeling, it stopped raining. He proceeded making the blooming onion for Katrina. When he gave the delectable treat to her, she loved it! Katrina and Dale eventually got married, and Dale makes blooming onions quite often. You know what that means, it rains quite often too.



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