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Music Censorship

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-Cursing, promoting violence, promoting drugs, and devaluing women, are all things a lot of todays artists sing about, and when does it become too much.

-When do the artists almost employ values on its listeners in a negative way? As said by snoop dogg inTha Blue carpet treatment released November of 2006 he says "don't tell, wont tell, baby said I don't talk Dogg but she told on me, oh well,

take a picture wit me, what the flick gon' do, baby stick to me & ima stick on u,"

- When one stops taks a step back and looks at the lyrics he is promoting rape. I know aabout 95% of you are males and may not see how it applies to you but, how many of you have an aunt, a sister, a grandmother, a mom, or perhaps in the future will want a wife?

-The song is titled "I want to Fuck you", but still people go out and buy these songs, and the music business flourishes because of it.

- Music Censorship is a major issue and the music industry wants its costumers to know nothing about.


-As Eriz Nuzum stated, author of Music Censorship in America, in an interview "Music Censorship is an issue that's been around since music has been mass distributed, since music has been recorded." So, clearly this is an issue of much importance as it has lasted so long.

-There are many types of censorships. First off is the parental advisory sticker they throw on Some Cd's and you must be a certain age to buy it. But that rarely stops anyone from downloading music illegally or getting someone older to buy it. Another type of censorship is when radio stations that refuse to play some songs because of the message it sends. But for every radio station that refuses to play a song there are many more that are willing to play it.

- Another type of censorship would be if the government stepped in and told the music industry certain words, or ideas can not be put into music at all. Censorship affects many parts of the music business and its counterparts. It affects most obviously the Record Labels and the people who produce the tracks.

-It affects the singers as well. It also effect any store who sell's cd's in their stores, and all the employees who are employed by those stores. If music ever fully gets censored by lets say the government stepping in or special interest groups putting so much pressure on the industry itself, no one can predict if sales might just totally plummet.


-But still the question is asked on weather should music be censored. Many people strongly believe that it leads to crimes as it promotes violence.

- In one song by the Game called scream on em it starts off with gunshots then soon later the game says "Homey its hard not to kill...It's like a full time job" All over the music business one can find singers talking about killing and violence, and many people strongly believe it helps promote violence in the neighborhood.

-Then there are the songs who promote drug use like 50 cents song High All The Time which is pretty self explanatory as the whole song is based around drugs and encourages people to try it.


-Although one can put a strong case why there should be censorship in music business's also put up quite a compelling case against it. Two main points against it is freedom of speech, and the fact that it is a source of entertainment only and that's the sole purpose of it is it to entertain.

-Amendment one of the constitution explains how congress cannot make laws that inhibit freedom of speech.


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