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Love Is Sacrifice

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Chrisalyn Faith Johnson

Department of Mass Communication

Mississippi Valley State University


Write a short essay about 350 words; include introduction, body, and conclusion.

Public Relations Writing-Independent Study

Professor: Dr. Turk

Date Turned in:

January 24, 2005

Love is Sacrifice

What is love? Have you ever taken the time to let your mind ponder about love? Love can be painful, love can be sad, but more than anything love should bring happiness. When you love someone, whether you make them mad, upset, cry or hurt them, true love will never be able to be replaced. Love is sacrifice.

Have you ever thought about falling in love? Have you ever thought about what it means to be in love, and then suddenly you are faced with crashing waves of emotions and discover that the shore is sometimes rocky. Lately, that is what I have been dealing with. Lately, that is what has been tearing me up inside. No one has ever said that love was going to be easy, but we give up on love a lot of times. We go looking else where. Sometimes you have those who are quite content with being seconds. You have those who like to run their mouths not knowing what to keep to themselves, and then sometimes you have those who will laugh and talk in your face and talk to your man behind you back, make snide comments every time you come around.

Love is greater than any thought, idea, or conception of meaning, yet it is the reason why we have thoughts and why meanings are sought. Love is the one key that can unlock all things. It can reveal the deepest mystery, and it will soften the hardest hearts. Love brings you the very heart of heaven. It reveals itself through the art of giving and the sharing of ones feelings.

Love is a GIFT. A gift that should not be toyed or played with. I, for one, write this short essay to let the world know that I am in Love. Love has been painful to me. I was even at the point about two months ago where I attempted to take my own life. No one ever knew, and no one ever suspected until the day it happened. I appeared to be happy to outsiders, but I was hurting inside. That is when I really found out who my true friends were. I can say today, I only have two. I am here for a reason today. That reason, God has not shown me yet. My life, due to love, has


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