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Kinds of Students

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RADEN EVITA W.K (1SA03 / 15616914)


People need to get the education to gain knowledge for their lives’ supplies. Therefore, most of them have experienced some kind of formal education and the different kinds of students that they meet. People have different personalities so do students  at school or college. Each student has their own priorities, personalities, and interests. So there are The Hard Worker, The Good Enough to Get By, and The Inattentive Student.

In the class at least we have one student who is a hard worker. This type of student usually goes to class early. They pay attention to the lecture that being taught and almost willing to participate in class. The hard worker may not always have a perfect score, but they always try their best to get the grade as perfect as possible. In addition, they are usually organized and tend to get things done on time rather than one second late. Overall, this kind of students are very responsible, reliable, and will always put their best efforts.

The second one is “The Good Enough to Get By”. “The Good Enough to Get By” students will just do well enough as they can and not put so much effort. These students simply try to stay right above what is considered average to keep their parents happy or to simply pass. They usually don’t feel strongly about learning, improving, or gaining knowledge. They just want D or better, C, and to get it by doing as little as possible. They lack of motivation and don’t have full understanding to what their priorities are. Therefore, this kind of students never reach their potential.

The inattentive students surely exist in every class. They often get into their own thoughts, stare into their smartphones, or talk with classmates in the middle of lecture. Not only miss out on what the lecturer is saying, they often disrupt the students around them as well. Furthermore, this kind of students like to share their imagination into a piece of paper and draw it as the lecturer thought that they were taking a note. They usually ask their friends what assignment is given by the lecturer after the class finished even though the lecturer has explained thoroughly in front of the class. That’s why these students will have a hard time when they face the exam because they don’t take note or pay attention to the lecturer.


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