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Immigration A Benefit For Canada

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"The People of Canada have worked hard to build a country that opens its doors to include all, regardless of their differences; a country that respects all, regardless of their differences; a country that demands equality for all, regardless of their differences." (Paul Martin). Immigration started in the mid 1700s and is still continuing today. It plays an important role in developing Canada's economy, as well as shaping the nation into a multicultural nation. Immigration has become a significant role in building Canada's economy, by providing continuous growth in the labour force, constructing a strong economy, and becoming a diverse nation.

Immigration provides constant growth in the labour force which is helps the Canadian labour market. As many immigrants come into Canada, there is an increase in taking up jobs in the Canadian labour force. Immigrants make up 70% of the Canadian labour force and this number is expected to increase higher; maybe even up to 100% in the future . A great portion of the labour force population is taken up by the immigrants who have provided their need in the Canadian labour market for growth and success. Immigrants who come into Canada are skilled workers, (entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, etc) or are unskilled workers (farmers, plumbers, electricians, labourers, etc.).

Figure 1: Contribution of new immigrants to Labour Force Growth

As it is proven in figure 1, Canada's dependency on immigrants is because these workers are willing to work efficiently and are motivated to work hard. They are employed according to their skills, education and work experience . Since most of the immigrants are skilled, Canada is able to heavily rely on them and employ them for the most important jobs throughout the labour market, consequently helping its economy grow. From the chart, 10% of an increase in the labour force was due to immigrants. Looking at Canada's immigration policy, educated and skilled applicants are accepted for immigration to Canada. Skilled workers make up more than half of all immigrants, 137085 out of a total of 250346, which is 55% of the immigrants were skilled workers who arrived in Canada . High numbers of skilled workers are accepted to Canada such as doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, etc. it is clear that immigration is accountable for developing the Canadian workforce.

Immigration benefits the economy in terms of new consumers. Immigration helps produce more demand for different goods; therefore, there is more opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors or self employed. There is more demand for skilled workers, as well as promoting more investments into the economy .

Figure 2: Landings by Immigration category

As it shows in the pie chart above about, 4.8% of the immigrants were business immigrants which are the entrepreneurs, investors and the self employed. The purpose of encouraging these immigrants is to promote the flow of capital and entrepreneurial skill sets which could generate more jobs and give the economy more of a boost. Immigration keeps a variety of products in the market. For example the demand for Basmati rice in Canada has increased as the number of Indian immigrants has grown. In addition, there is a multiplier effect that is created because the demand for that rice is not limited solely to local Indians but as well to Canadians that had a taste of this rice and consume it . Since immigrants have a talent of creating different products and having different services, Canada has the benefit for living a higher standard life and having different varieties of products to consume. New consumer's mean more money spent on goods and services which means money is put into the economy. As more new comers come into Canada, they want to start a new life, buy a house, buy a car etc. this way they are putting more money into the Canadian economy. As Canada continues to embrace new comers into its regional areas, they have different ways of supporting themselves. Immigrants tend to want a comfortable lifestyle, which Canada offers. Immigrants are intended to pay taxes and this also contributes to the health care and education which helps the economy as well.

walking around in Canada, you will see different types of races, cultures and religions and Canada would not have this if immigration did not exist. Immigration creates diversity in Canada. Immigration and diversity is what Canada is known for all around the world. As it says in the Canadian Multiculturalism Act, "It is hereby declared to be the policy of the Government of Canada to foster the recognition and appreciation of the diverse cultures


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