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Craft Store Booming In Usa

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Craft Store Booming in USA



In the wake of Sept. 11, more Americans begin nesting, spending more time with family. This phenomenon has led many of those nesters to the world of arts and crafts, a business that is booming. Despite today’s turbulent economy, hobby stores are doing so well, they are raising their profit forecasts. Fred Katayama reports.



Claudine Hutton

And when you do a roll of knitting and a roll of pearling, it’s bumpy on one side, and flat on the other.


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There’s something warm and fuzzy about hand-made crafts. New York resident Connie Tanner paints for fun, but 911 made her to switch to weaving blankets.



Connie Tanner, Hobbyist

I started knitting again. I had been knitting a little bit. But now I’m knitting big blankets, rather than scarves and hats. Blankets are comforting and they’re warm.




Like mother, like daughter. But Gretchen Lustig likes to make puppets. She likes its social aspect of crafting.


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Gretchen Lustig

It’s something that you can usually do when you are with other people.

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Crafts sales took off before America’s economy hits the breaks. But they’ve continued to grow. The nesting phenomenon, post 9/11, has helped drive more Americans to hobby stores. Add that to publicity, from home and garden television, as well as Martha before her crafty stock sale. The hobby industry sales rose more than 16% over the last 12 months to 27 billion dollars. With that, Rodney Dangerfield of retail finally grabbed the respect of Wall Street. In the last 12 months, the stocks of Jo-Ann’s stores quintupled, A.C. Moore arts and crafts more than tripled and Michaels stores doubled. They vastly outstripped the others in the retailing industry.




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