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Organizational Behavior

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Blunder :

Oscar 2017

Overview :

The Oscar 2016 Best picture blunder is considered to be one of the worst communication blunders in the recent times. To give you an overview of what actually happened was, there was a major twist at the end of the 2017 Academy awards for the category of best picture. La La Land was announced as the best film winner at the 2017 Oscars – but then had to hand the award over to Moonlight after a blunder was committed.

By this time the La La Land team were halfway through their victory speeches when it was noticed that the wrong film name had been read out by Warren Beatty and that Moonlight was actually the winner. The good thing amidst this was La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz himself announced the crowd that Moonlight was the winner which should have been the most embarrassing moment for him. These kinds of communication blunder happen when we are only a part of the process, and we just pass the message that we receive from the management (here PWC who administers the Oscar’s is the management).

The actual blunder was the correct envelope for the best movie category was not handed over to Warren Beatty and he was not really aware who the real winner was, hence went through with what was written on the card along with Faye Dunaway. Even though Warren Beatty was seen baffled when he first looked at the card which had Emma stone’s name on it, however without thinking he proceeded further and this was actually a symptom for him to have pulled back rather from announcing it.

PWC is the account firm that manages the voting and declaration of Oscars. Ruiz and Cullinan from PWC were charged with managing the envelopes containing the names of the Oscar winners , and they are the only people who know the awards even before others.  Upon the event completion PWC apologized via media to the Moonlight Team , La La Land Team, presenters and the viewers for such the blunder.  


  1. Embarrassing moment for the mistaken winners already on stage.
  2. Unfortunate moment on stage for the presenters.
  3. Disappointment to the viewers.
  4. PWC administrators of the Academy awards losing their recognition.
  5. It has been found that the Oscar ratings have been on the decline as per Nielsen and this kind of blunders will gather attention and expects to boost the viewer’s percentage next year.

Appropriate Approach:

There are three audiences involved in this blunder.

  1. Winners – Primary audience – Positive.
  2. Winners by mistake – Primary audience.
  3. The Crowd or the viewers – Secondary audience.
  4. Newspapers, Media, Other film industries across the world – Hidden.


  1. The PWC should first make the information on the card more clear, with the Best Picture caption on the top.
  2. The Managers of the event from PWC should watch the show from the backstage to ensure if the presenters are announcing the right information to the crowd.
  3. Protocol to be in place to have Plan B when such blunder happens to correct it immediately.

Solution :

  1. When such a blunder happens, the PWC management should first acknowledge the blunder and should immediately apologize on the same stage as it is very important for the accounting firm to retain its brand image.
  2. PWC should apologize the La La Land team and the presenters in person as it has left them very embarrassed.
  3. PWC should address the media and apologize for such a blunder, this will not only retain the brand image but will gather attention and can expect the increase in the number of viewers next year.
  4. PWC should take the Oscar board feedback on bringing new protocols when such blunder happens.
  5. PWC can publish add on the newspapers the very next day “Apologizing on the blunder”, this would be really overwhelming and it would really a very kind gesture.
  6. Proper training to be given to the PWC management on the backstage as well as the presenters on the next action plan when such blunder is identified.


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