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Robert Schumann Essay Notes

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Born in Germany

Son of a bookseller who loved literature

Mother made him study law

Wanted to be a pianist

Finally convinced his mother to let him go to U of Leipzig to study with Friedrich Wieck

Practiced hard, but had physical difficulties

Fingers in right hand ended hopes as a performer

Turned to composing

Established an important publication

Neue Zeitschrift fÐ"јr Musik

The New Journal for Music

Became the leading journals of music criticism in Europe

Began to court Clara Wieck (composer), his piano teacher’s daughter

Her father opposed the marriage

Became even psychopathic about the objection

The two appealed the courts and married anyway (Clara was 21, Robert was 30) in 1840

1840 was the ***Liederjahr***

The Year of the Song

Schumann produced over 100 of his Lieder in that one year

Clara вЂ" performed Robert’s piano works and contributed to the spread of his fame

Robert became very moody, however, and began to isolate himself from the world

1844, Robert had a severe breakdown

Couple moved to Dresden to help him recover

Seemed to help at first, but periods of depression returned more frequently

1850, Robert was appointed Music Director at DÐ"јsseldorf, but was forced to quit because he was not suited for public life.

Experienced hallucinations

Story of him rising in the middle of the night to write down a theme that had been brought to him by the spirits of Schubert and Mendelssohn

This was his last melody

A week later, in a fit of depression, he threw himself into the Rhine River.



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