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Review On "Chicago"

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“Chicago” is the title of an original musical inspired in real facts. That film is set in two worlds: the real city of Chicago (EEUU) and a surreal fantasy world in the form of a Jazz-Age theatre, where songs and dance take place. RenÐ"©e Zellweger plays the lead role as Roxie Hart, the wannabe vaudeville star who kills her lover after knowing he was never going to make her famous; Catherine Zeta-Jones is Velma Kelly, the sexy vaudeville star who murders her husband and sister after discovering their affair; and Richard Gere is Billy Flynn, the lawyer who represents both women and whose goal is not only to defends his clients, but also to make them legal legends. Other relevant characters are Matron Mama Morton (Queen Latifah) and Amos (John C. Reilly), Roxie’s husband. The story, a drama which provides a cynical and satirical look at fame and fortune, is based on the nineteen twenties around the two murderesses. That is Chicago.

The plot focus on the fame, kills and mediating manipulations developed in the Windy �City. This fame wonders Roxie Hart, the innocent and extroverted singer who dreams with becoming a star to leave her grey life; she dreams of following in the Velma Kelly’s gold footsteps, a Vaudeville star. All begins at time that Roxie gets her wish come true when, after some equivocal actions make both, star and aspirant, to end up in prison, because of different charges of murder. Under the care of the astute Matron Mama Morton into the jail, Roxie meets with the legendary lawyer Billy Flynn, who accords to take charge of the case for a large quantity of money and manipulates the tabloids into thinking Roxie is no more than an innocent girl who took the wrong path. The Roxie’s career exploits and due to Roxie's new found fame, Velma, represented by the same lawyer, is forgotten about. However, the plot has an unexpected twist and reaches a gripping climax when the intelligent Miss Kelly gets angry in the second act: she reserves to us some surprises… There's only room for one legend.

This is a fantastic musical. The plot is highly entertaining and involving thanks to the songs, the show and the dance numbers, to wonderful costumes, to the beautifully designed sets…The original script gives rise to an absolutely moving and gripping story with scenes so extremely funny that I didn’t take my eyes off the screen for a single instant- I’ve never


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