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Film Review "Michael Collins"

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The film “Michael Collins” is set in Ireland in 1916-1921. It is about the Irish people regaining their independence from the British, focusing on the role that Mr. Collins played in that era. The extract is about Mr. Collins’ men getting sent out and murdering the members of the British Government and the High-ranking members of the British Army stationed in Ireland. Films use many elements to create a scene; these elements include Human Context, Tension and Mood.

Roles, Relationships and Situations were aplenty in the extract. There were many relationships displayed in this extract but two prominent ones were the relationship between Mr. Collins and his Boys and that of him and Kitty Kiernan. The relationship between him and his Boys is demonstrated when he is sending them out to murder the British and he gives them the opportunity to pull out, but none of them do so. This demonstrates a close relationship of utmost trust, devotion and loyalty to Mr. Collins. Mr. Collins’ relationship with Kitty is shown toward the end of the extract when Kitty sits her head on his shoulder and promises to him that she will never care for him showing great love and intimacy.

There is a lot of tension in the extract and indeed this whole film. Tension of Task, Relationships, Mystery and Surprise are all prominent in this extract. Tension of Task appears when the two Irish boys are in the bathroom with the Brit in the bathtub and the boy doesn’t know whether he can kill the man or not even though in the end he does. Tension of Relationships is demonstrated when Rosie betrays Sommes even though he has been a real gentlemen to her and has treated her like a lady and she feels remorse for doing so. Mystery is shown when Brye is being followed down the streets of Dublin by the Brit set on him by Sommes. Surprise appears when Mr. Collins’ men ambush the Brit who is working


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