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Persuasive Speech

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You have just got out of Western Civ, and you have to walk all the way across campus to your next class. You have been itching all through class to listen to your new cd from your favorite artist, but there is no time to go back to your car to listen. So what do you do? If you have ever been caught in this situation, you need to invest in a new portable MP3 Audio Player. MP3 Players are the ultimate portable music devices. They play MP3 audio files downloaded off of your computer and onto the device. You can listen to hours of nonstop, skip free music wherever you go. Now you face the task of deciding which MP3 Player to purchase. Many companies have jumped into the MP3 market after the outrageous success of the Apple iPod. Well, I am Brent Stubblefield from Dell Home Systems Sales Department, and I am here to tell you about the new Dell Digital Jukebox. The 20 GB Dell Digital Jukebox has a superior price, massive storage capacity, and exceptional warranty options compared to the 20 GB Apple iPod.

Money is to college students as food is to some third world countries Ð'- in short supply. You might ask yourself how you can afford an MP3 player because all of your money goes towards tuition, food, and clothes. Well, the 20 GB Dell Digital Jukebox costs a mere $249. The 20 GB Apple iPod will force you to dig into your wallet for another fifty dollars with a base price of $299. Let us not forget about Dell's continuous special offers. Each week, Dell online has in place special offers such as $50 off and 10% off to save the consumer money. On top of that, Dell online offers holiday savings for the various holidays we celebrate. For example, for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday, Dell is offering 25% of all systems according to Now that we have discussed the price of the device, let us look at its battery life.

Battery life is a critical component because an MP3 Player would be of no use if it only ran for one hour. The engineer's at Dell worked exceptionally hard and created something amazing. The Dell Digital Jukebox boasts a tireless 16 hour battery life according to continuous play. Apple's iPod can only muster a mere 9 hours based on continuous play. The difference is astounding Ð'- the DJ almost has double the battery life of the iPod. This fact alone has got many people in the market talking. After the battery does run down, it takes a mere five hours to recharge the DJ. This is exact


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