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Organ Donation

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I’m sure all us present here today wish to do something meaningful with and in our lives and be remembered for the same. How about if I tell you each one of us present here has the power to change thousands lives even after we are gone with the help of a simple signature now. Sounds rather unbelievable, but sometime they do come true. Today I want to talk to everyone about organ donation, in the hope to make you see how important and wonderful it is to be able to give someone the ultimate gift after you have left this earth - the gift of life.

Transplantation is one of the most remarkable success stories in the history of medicine. But despite continuing advances in medicine and technology, the need for organs and tissue is vastly greater than the number available for transplantation.

According to statistics more than 80,000 Americans are currently waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant. A new name is added to the national waiting list every 16 minutes. That means that 3 people will be added to the list during the time we are in class today. Their life is entirely dependent upon receiving the organ. But most of them don’t.

Tragically, every day 12 people will die awaiting a transplant, which doesn’t seem right because if we are to look at fact that out of 2-million people who die in the United States each year more than 20,000 believed to be viable organ donors, yet only 5,000 of these actually become one.

After that statistics, I’m sure that you can see the need for people like you to donate your organs.

So what all can one donate? And how do we go about doing it? You can donate your heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, skin, eyes, tissue even you intestines. You can help 50 people if you decide to donate organs and tissues.

Also, there is a myth that organ donation disfigures the body, making an open casket funeral impossible. But the fact is that Organ Donation does not disfigure the body and does not interfere with funeral plans, including open casket services. That’s something to think about

I know you’d rather not be thinking about death now. But the reality is, as we all know, that we are not invincible,


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