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Narrative Essay

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Deon’s Black Eye

Travis was walking in the school building looking for his girl, Alicia. He went past the Math class, he saw Mr. Freeman and the principal making out he got disgusted and walked faster. While passing by the English class he decided to take a peek and see if she was in there. When he opened the door he saw nothing out of the ordinary but he started hearing people laughing. So he went in the class and started looking around. He saw the desk he used to sit on in his junior year. He went closer to take a look to make sure it was his, so he looked in the drawer where in his desk he made a secret pocket where he used to hide his cigarettes and lighter and other things that he could be expelled by having. Just as he was about to see if the secret pocket is there he heard a girl screaming. He turned around and started to listen to know where the sound is coming from. He found a little door which he doesn’t remember was there in his junior year. He opened the door and found Deon hitting Alicia.

When Deon realized that someone had entered the room he hit Alicia in the head with a ranch which was on the ground. When he hit her she feel on the ground and fainted, Travis reactions was so barbaric he ran at Deon and kicked him in the crouch but he missed. Deon swung at him with the ranch but Travis ducked and jumped on him, he hit Deon in his stomach with his shoulder and took him to the ground. Deon started hitting Travis on his head with the ranch while Travis had Deon’s head in his hands and banging it on the floor. Deon then push’s Travis off of him by kicking him, Travis flies out of the room and in to the classroom. He stands up quickly before Deon comes and goes to the desk that looked like his old desk; he puts his hand in the drawer and finds his secret pocket he started searching it for his knife and finds it but the minute he takes it out he gets hit on his head and drops it. He turns over and kicks Deon’s leg but he did not fall, he then kicks him in his stomach to push him back so that he can stand up. When he stood up he held Deon’s head again and knee’s him in the crouch and starts kneeing him in the face. Alicia then wakes up and runs out and finds both of them bleeding from the head and still fighting so she starts screaming and running to the teachers. Travis then starts hitting harder and he saw Alicia bleeding from the place Deon hit her.

After 10 minutes Mr. Freeman and the principal come in and stop the fight and send them to the school doctor with Mr. Freeman. When they reached the doctor she shouts at them and starts giving them painkillers so that she can sew their heads. And then she takes out a dozen ice cubes and puts them in a plastic bag and tells Deon that he should put it all day so that his black eye would go away but he refuses and says this will make me look more like a man.

They then go to the principal’s office where she already had the suspension letters ready. She told them that from what I heard


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