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My Journey To School

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My journey to school starts as soon as I open my eyes is still dark outside and I’m the first person at home to wake up. To take my time and not rush things I wake up at least an hour early but, sometimes I don’t even make it to wake up that early .Since I love sleeping is almost impossible to believe that myself. My goal every morning before I live to school is to make it to my first period class on time. At the beginning it used to be really hard for me to make it but now I have adapt to my schedule .I just learned to deal with it. Besides, I get out of school pretty early do when I get back home I could just take a nap and everything will go back to normal.

Very early in the morning I wake up to school. First thing I do is open my eyes as I said before then I look straight up to the ceiling until I’m completely awake and then is when I get up of my bed and go directly to the bathroom. I take a quick shower. As I come out of the bathroom clean вЂ"clean I get my breakfast ready while I go to my room an d get all dressed if I could . Before that thought I check the weather channel because you never now what’s the weather going to be. Now that the weather changes drastically you will never know what to expect this days. Depending on the weather and my current mood I pick what I’m going to wear. For school I don’t go hard on dressing up. I live that for going out places other than school. For school I pick comfortable attires that doesn’t show off but I makes me look decent and refresh so I don’t look like I’m from Venus planet. I like my pancakes in the morning with a pool of syrup in my plate. I love lots of syrup in my pancakes. What I do is that I cut it out in small pieces and pick them up with a fork and dip them in the syrup. I like to take my time in this because I like to enjoy it just like a fat kid loves its cake. After I’m done eating once again I bush my teeth , wash my face , brush my hair and do my hair in a pony tail. Good to go.

On my way to school I take an energy shake to give me the essential nutrients that I need to stay alert in class. By the way I feel lucky that I don’t have to take the


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