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Launder Guests Clothes

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Launder linen & guest clothes

An optional resource for Learners, Trainers and Assessors

to support the

Tourism, Hospitality & Caravan Training Packages

THT02, THH02 & THC03

Ð'© Australian National Training Authority (ANTA), 2003

Published by Australian Training Products Ltd

GPO Box 5347BB, MELBOURNE, Victoria 3001, Australia

Telephone: +61 3 9630 9836 or 9630 9837

Facsimile: +61 3 9639 4684

All rights reserved. This work has been produced initially with the assistance of funding provided by the Commonwealth Government through ANTA. This work is copyright, but permission is given to trainers and teachers to make copies by photocopying or other duplicating processes for use within their own training organisation or in a workplace where the training is being conducted. This permission does not extend to the making of copies for use outside the immediate training environment for which they are made, nor the making of copies for hire or resale to third parties. For permission outside of these guidelines, apply in writing to Australian Training Products Ltd.

The views expressed in this version of the work do not necessarily represent the views of ANTA.

ANTA does not give warranty nor accept any liability in relation to the content of this work.

First published mmmm, 2003


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Introduction 1

Who Could Use this Resource 2

How to Use this Resource 3

Competency Checklist 4

Knowledge summary 6

Information for Learners 7

Training 7

Assessment 8

Recognising skills already learnt 8

Tips for learners 9

Workplace Examples 10

Launder linen and guest clothes 10

Fact Sheets 11

Fact Sheet 1: Requirements of a good laundry 12

Fact Sheet 2: The laundering process 15

Fact Sheet 3: Removing stains 19

Fact Sheet 4: Storing linen 21

Fact Sheet 5: Quality control 22

Fact Sheet 6: Providing guest services 24

Activities 25

Questions 40

Sample Assessment Activities 41

Assessment 1 41

Assessment 2 41


This Training Resource will help you develop skills and knowledge for the unit of competency THHBH05B Launder linen and guest clothes.

It deals with the skills and knowledge required to work in an Ð''on-premises' laundry in a commercial accommodation establishment.

This unit must be assessed with or after the following unit which describes skills and knowledge essential to this unit of competence:

 THHGHS01B Follow workplace hygiene procedures.

There is also a link between this unit the following unit and combined training and assessment may be appropriate:

 THHGGA06B Receive and store stock.


This a flexible delivery resource and is designed to be used by learners, trainers and assessors. It contains fact sheets, activities, questions and sample assessment items which can be used in a variety of training situations. Training may be undertaken on or off the job or a combination of both. These materials may also be adapted for delivery in distance mode.

Learners undertake their training in different situations and may be known as students, trainees or participants. They may be beginners in the industry or have some or considerable industry experience.

Trainers, similarly, may be teachers, facilitators, supervisors, managers or mentors and be working in the industry or in a training organisation.

Assessors who undertake the formal assessment must be qualified or accredited assessors.

Trainers and assessors should read the Companion Guide for further advice on using this resource and must refer to the Training Package and the individual competency standard.


Learners could use this resource to:

 Study at their own pace

 Review topics covered by their trainer

 Prepare for assessment. TRAINERS

Trainers could use this resource to:

 Plan and deliver training

 Provide learners with additional information

 Set practical activities for training

 Keep a record of the training that has been done. ASSESSORS

Assessors could use this resource to:

 Plan assessments

 Show learners where improvement is needed

 Keep a record of evidence used in the assessment.


As a Trainer you could:

 Use


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