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Hogh School And Collage

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The Difference between High School and College.

I have been for four years in high school and only four month in college, but I have already noticed a lot of different. When I was high school I heard many people said that "college life is different world from high school and will bring experiences and opportunities that will shape the rest of ones life" and right now I believe that is true. In my paper I will describe the main difference between high school and college that I have noticed in a very short of time. The main differences are freedom, classes, teachers, and how the teacher grade assignment.

Having more freedom is the big difference between high school and college. There is no longer "mom" and "dad" to tall me to go to class, to remind me to do my homework; I'm the only person who can make it happen. In another word when I was high school my time is usually structured by others but right now I manage my own time.

Also high school class and college class has a big difference when I was in high school I proceed from one class to directly to another but in college I often have an hour or two between classes. And most of my high school classes are arranged for me, but in college I arrange my own schedule with help of my academic advisor. The difference high school class and college class that surprised me is, that high school classes generally have no more than 20 Ð'- 30 students in college I have a class with 200 people.

The last difference I noticed is that high school teachers and college teachers (professors) has a difference. In high school teachers write information on the board and I copied in my notes, but in college the teacher or professor talk nonstop expecting me to identify the important point in my notes. High school teachers will provide the student information they missed when they where absent, but in college the teacher will tall you


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