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Environmental Issues

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We go on almost everyday forgetting the pure essence of beauty, our earth. For years we have been polluting the earth and using up its natural resources leading to dangerous outcomes. The following short story, AIf I forget thee, oh earth@ and essays, ASilent Spring@ and ATo the residents of A.D. 2029" illustrate this point. Pollution is a worldwide epidemic and everyone is guilty of this problem.

Have you ever wondered what would become of the earth in the future? The short story, AIf I forget thee, oh earth@ by Arthur C. Clarke shows us a futuristic world with the outcomes of pollution. All of the pollution left radioactive chemicals in the earth wiping out every human being. In this story Marvin looks at the earth with his father from the moon. His father told him of the Armageddon, the global destruction, that took place on the earth because of all the pollution. Now they are in exile since they cannot return to the earth for centuries.

The aerial spraying of crops kills pests. However, this practice also has harmful side effects. In the essay, ASilent Spring@ Rachel Carson, the author, explains the dangers of pesticides. When the pesticides are sprayed onto the plants animals exposed to it or animals that eat the plant will most likely die. The workers who work on the fields have also been diagnosed with cancer. The children of the women workers are usually born with many health problems or don=t live at all. After some time life is swept away from the field and nothing will grow. ANo witchcraft, no enemy action had silenced the rebirth of new life in this stricken world. The people had done it themselves.@ Rachel Carson wrote.

Pollution damages the water, air and land. In ATo the residents of A.D. 2029" by Bryan Woolley warns us of the dangers of pollution. We have had everything we needed for years-land, food, air, water, fuel-and thought that it would last forever. We have been wasteful of our


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