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Consumer Behavior Analysis Of Magic Tooth Powder

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This section of the report presents the origin of the report, "Consumer Behavior Analysis of Magic Toothpowder" and outlines its main objectives, limitations and the sources of information used in its formation of the report.


The report, "Consumer Behavior Analysis of Magic Toothpowder", is prepared in compliance with the partial requirement of the course Consumer Behavior (M403), instructed by Mr. Syed Munir Khasru, Associate Professor, Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka. The report aims to analyze the consumer behavioral aspects related to Magic Toothpowder.


In providing an analysis of the consumer behavior of Magic Toothpowder, the report's objectives are to explore the following areas:


The report focuses mainly on the consumer behavior of Magic toothpowder and tries to relate the theories of the text with the reality. It provides a general description of the consumer profile and how the company implements marketing strategies designed for the target market. This report also highlights the some of the recommendations we have made for the brand based on the current marketing strategy and consumer survey conducted.


A mixture of primary and secondary sources was used for the preparation of the report. Information was gathered from the following sources:

Ð'* Interviews from officials in Square Toiletries and MediaCom

Ð'* Consumer survey

Ð'* Analysis


The report is limited to only the consumer behaviour perspective of the product separately though it is integrated with other marketing activities. A more thorough analysis could have provided us with a better insight. A more detailed and vast consumer survey could have produced better analysis. It was impossible to go for such detailed analysis due to time constraint and limitation of the scope.


The toothpowder industry contains two generic products Ð'- Black toothpowder and White toothpowder. The basic difference between black and white powders is in its ingredients. The white toothpowder is more effective in cleaning germs but the black toothpowder is more popular. This is due to two reasons Ð'- First, the black toothpowder is cheaper. It only costs half as much as the white tooth powder. Second, it is abrasive. Black toothpowder contains granules which give the customers the feel that their teeth are getting cleaned better. There are also variations among the white powders such as neem, herbal etc.

The total Market Size is 7,117 Metric Ton, which accounts for a total of 744 Million Taka. Black toothpowder holds 69% of the market share, whereas white toothpowder has only 31% (considering sales in metric ton). Market Growth Rate is 7% per annum. There are about 30 companies (See Appendix) in this industry.

Figure 1: Market share of different companies in the industry

As can be seen from the graph, in terms of total volume, Biddut Kalo Neemer Majan holds the highest market share. In terms of taka sales, Pepsodent is the market leader, followed by Magic and Colgate.

Most of the companies follow the same price structure. The MRP of different types and sizes of toothpowder are as follows:

100gm White Toothpowder Taka 20

50gm White Toothpowder Taka 12

Biddut Kalo Nimer Majon Taka 6

Other black Tooth Powder (Ash) Taka 5

Table 1: MRP of black & white toothpowder

2.1 Company Background

Square Group of Companies is one of the most reputed and largest local companies of Bangladesh. The company is very reputed and has a very good image not only in Bangladesh but also in many foreign nations. It was set up in 1958 with the Pharmaceutical Company and in 1988 Square Toiletries Limited made its entry as one of the divisions of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. In 1994 Square Toiletries Limited began its journey as a separate entity. At present, Square Toiletries is the country's leading manufacturer of international quality cosmetics and toiletries products. Today with over 50 products, Square Toiletries Ltd is one of the largest companies in the toiletries sector of Bangladesh, covering a wide range of personal, health, home, and fabric care products. These ranges of products include White Plus Toothpaste, Meril Shampoo, Meril Soap, Senora Sanitary Napkins etc. Through their distribution network, they have succeeded to penetrate consumers the most in the country.

2.2 Product Background

Magic toothpowder is one of the dental care products of Square Toiletries Limited. It was introduced into the market in 1996. It is a mint-flavored white foaming toothpowder with fluoride which helps to remove bad breath and keeps teeth healthy and clean. Currently the brand has two SKUs of 50 grams and 100 grams. The retail price of these SKUs is same as that of the market. The product has been re-launched in the market in September, 2005 with a completely new positioning.

The core benefit offered by Magic is the elimination of bad breath. Magic toothpowder contains Triclosan, Calcium and Spicy mint flavor. Triclosan is effective against most types of oral cavity bacteria. Calcium strengthens the teeth and prevents gum decay. Spicy mint flavor can help to give a better feeling in the mouth and to an extent mask the bad breath. Though most often people cannot perceive their own bad breath the presence of the spicy mint flavor inside the mouth increases the user's confidence. The augmented benefit offered to the customers is the elimination of fear of losing face.

2.3 Target Market

Magic identifies the following characteristics of their target group:

Demographic Background

Age 24 to 48 years

Gender Male

Location Rural and Semi Urban Area

Education Below


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