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Chicago And Boston

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Located in North America, the United States and Canada have one of the most urbanized populations in the world.

Two of the most important effects, according to the video, is the abdonment of inner-city neighborhoods by the middle

class, and the increasement of loss of agricultural land due to the suburban development. Over time the land use is

dramatically changing in a pattern. This pattern has been created by middle class people moving to an edge city in the suburbs

looking for a better life, education, and better opportunities. As american cities fight their decline, also rural areas are facing the

same pressures.

The first major city discussed in the video is Boston. Boston is one of the oldest major cities in the North America , also known as a city of contrasts.

The city's ethnicty diversity is due to the attraction of cheap housing

for immigrants. Boston has a vibrant central business district, but it is also experiencing middle class flightAs families became more prosperous, they sought better housing -- from tenement, to apartment, to duplex, to a single-family home usually in the suburbs. This was made possible by the ability of the most affluent families to afford longer commutes and to buy new housing at the suburban edge. As the upwardly mobile vacated their old homes, middle class families would take their place, creating a chain of movement out from the center of the city. This is a pattern that continues to the present.

Each person takes pride in one's culture heritage. Boston's inner city is having problems where the taxes are not dealing with the problem of poverty.

Thousands of people live in poverty surrounded by urban decay.

Inner- cities

must turn to the federal government for help.Increasingly, inner cities became places of "color" as whites fled their own inner-city neighborhoods.

The part of the video focuses on the empowerment zone application for several neighborhoods in South Boston.

The stakes are high: a first-place, $100 million federal grant could go a long way in providing job training, offering social services, and attracting new businesses to Boston's struggling core.

According to the film, news of the second place, $25 million grant was positively received by the community leaders of the most impoverished neighborhoods in the city.

Eventually, Boston went on to receive the first place grant. These empowerment zone monies were used to build new shopping and business


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