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Atomic Bomb Dropping

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The Drop

A specific type of bomb activated and dropped created a new age and generation of weapon warfare. The atomic bomb was dropped on Japan not once, but twice which generated two completely different feelings and atmospheres. One was triumph and success while the other was terror and death. America and its president, Truman, believed that the atomic bomb was the only answer for WWII to end, but was it really necessary? Hundreds of thousands died from the bomb in Japan in both cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which were heavily filled with civilians. Is this actually an act of immorality and should an alternative path have been chosen? America should have not dropped the atomic bomb in the two cities of Japan because they were immoral and barbaric and should have followed another course of action.

Some may argue that the atomic bomb was the only way to end the war and save multiple American lives and military expenses, but this is no reason and excuse for the fact that thousand of lives were lost in Japan. America was being ignorant when they have dropped the bomb because they killed innocent civilians mostly that had nothing to do with the war. America was being a hypocrite because they did not want the mass killing of Jews from Hitler, but they did the same thing to Japanese people. Another argument is that Japan was willing to fight to the last man, but they just said this because they were really given no choice. They were actually pursuing peace negotiations at the time, and were willing to settle everything, but America did not agree. They wanted a full surrender when all Japan wanted was a small condition to the treaty.

The atomic bomb was immoral and barbaric. From the time it was dropped and was detonated, thousands were incinerated within seconds and buildings and houses were destroyed and burned. The bomb created a thick black smoke in the sky and air and to this contributed and vast smoke from the flames. It was a combination of inferno, ashes and people said it was actually being like in hell. In addition to this, the effects of the bomb did not end. The bomb emitted radiation which the struggling survivors were exposed to. The people were thirsty and dehydrated and they were looking for a nearby source of water. Many went to the nearby river while some in ponds and they were climbing on top of each other. Rain coincidentally came and instead of clear fresh water, what came down was black rain from the thick smoke in the sky which was filled with radiation. This killed many of the survivors. The survivors were badly burned and injured and some were even trapped under the rubble adding to being poisoned by radiation (Article 2 and 3). In fact, a mother was trying to help her daughter escape from debris that had trapped her, but the mother could not free her and the mother had no choice but to leave and all she could hear was her daughter shouting while being burned alive (Hiroshima). America was immoral and barbaric in dropping the atomic bomb because they killed many in both quick and slow painful deaths.

America should have considered alternative courses of


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