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Pride and Predudice

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Pride and Prejudice Paper

        “Of two evils, choose neither.” Theologian Charles Spurgeon. This is certainly what Miss Elizabeth Bennet did in Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice, when faced with two unconventional marriage proposals. She flatly refused both. But Mr. Collins proposal was actually the better for three reasons: his reasons for marriage made logical sense, his emotions were composed than Darcy and his character was better than Darcy’s.

        Firstly, Mr. Collins’ proposal was logical. Mr. Collins had a very well thought out proposal. He lists several reasons for marriage such as, setting an example of marriage to his church, to keep Mr. Bennet’s estate in the family and also as an act of obedience to his patroness. Mr. Darcy’s proposal on the other hand, was not at all trying to be logical and was completely driven by the violence of his affection.

                Secondly, Mr. Collins’ proposal was composed. As Darcy says: “In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.” It’s completely emotionally unstable.

                Thirdly, Mr. Collins’ character was better. Mr. Collins was looking out for Elizabeth’s future by offering to marry her. Mr. Darcy, however, only driven by selfishness, made a poorly timed and insensitive proposal.

                In conclusion, Mr. Collins proposal is better because his reasons for marriage made logical sense, his character was better than Darcy’s, and he was more emotional composed than Darcy. This matters to us because we don’t have to pick the better of two evils.


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