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Man Is Allowed to Freely Exploit Nature as We Are the Supreme Beings of Earth?

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Discussion on nature.

“Man is allowed to freely exploit nature as we are the supreme beings of Earth?” Is the question to answer in this following discussion. You can argue that the statement “Man is allowed to freely exploit nature as we are the supreme beings of Earth?” is false, because the earth does not belong to human beings, human beings belong to the Earth, Because science has proven that human wasn’t the first on earth, in fact plants was the first things on earth and the first activity on earth was animals and not human being. But on the other hand, can you argue that the world has changed , and the humans are the Supremes now. People have created the world and shaped it in to the world it is today, so they should be able and allowed to control what is going on, on the earth. But should everyone not agree on what should be done to Nature? Now that every human has helped creating this awesome world? Now that a lot of humans likes the beautiful Nature and don’t want human to damage it, with all their construction and factory work.

Human rights organization mentions in a paper, that nature is in the worst condition it has ever been in. The paper says a certain creature called humans are the reason for the Natures horrible condition. Human rights comment, that all of humanity must work together to re-establish harmony and unity with the natural environment, the humanity can re-establish nature, by creating a global governance system that respected and supported vegetable, mineral, animal, human and cosmic life. A lot of religion also see Nature as something holy. You can argue that Nature is not just a warehouse of resources to serve human needs. Rather, it is a highly integrated, interdependent functioning system upon which all life forms, including the soil, water, plants, animals and humans depend for survival. But when Nature seems to be so important to us, why do we then sit back and do nothing about the problem? Statistic shows that 6% In the United States of America think Nature crisis is the worlds biggest problem. Sustaining interest in this great but slow-burning crisis is a challenge no one seems to have mastered. Only when the crisis causes or exacerbates an acute disaster such as the floods or if the nature crisis affects a family member is there a flicker of anxiety, but that quickly dies away. And why do all these people think you Shouldn’t Care about the Environment and Nature? A common argument is “What has Nature done for you lately: when did the environment actively go out its way to help you in your daily life?” That point is stupid, trees produce the paper you are writing on every day and mountain and cliffs produce the water you are drinking every day. A lifechanging concern people have is will we die because of the extremely high temperature? Now that, small changes in the average temperature can lead to frequent occurrences of dangerous weather patterns and devastating storms. Yes, global warming and climate change are real.


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