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Dream Vacation

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Dream Vacation

I wish I could go t New York city and spend my whole teen age there while I'm in college. I wish to go college in New York City after graduating, because I love how there's soo many people out there, especially because that city is too popular and I just want to know what in there or what going on out there. I always cereous about it and I think it would be very fun everyday. It seems like a place to live. Well it is but I just want to know how it go's like.

I enjoy when I went to Hawaii, I went Hawaii to meet up with my dad, which was my first time seeing him. It was fun traveling around the world, especially to different place. If only I don't have so many plan for my future I would be a flight attendance but I have soo many things that I want so I don't think I could make it if I was. Anyways I told my dad that I like traveling, he work to the continental airline, well he told me to escort or to guide his people from stat to state. It was fun at first till I got tired, I told him that I'm tired being on a plane everyday well not every day but every weekend. "Well then stop if you're tired" he said. I wrote this because I just want to say how I always dream to travel around and I get tired of it.

If I told my mom that I want to go to New York City she wouldn't let me because she thought it would be a dangerous place for me to live. I agree with her though, because I've never been in New York City, and I'm kind of scared. I rather just stay in Washington. Since New York is a City, I know that it would make me very happy every day. If only I could I would, but I don't want to because I don't want to leave my family.

I would if I really want to but since I really love my family, I don't want to leave them because I want to help them. If they told me what to do but I kind of don't want to I just have


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