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The Economic And Political Policies Of The United States In Relation To Wto, Nafta, Eu And Balance Of Trade

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EU and US Relationship

The wealth and diversity of American civilization is mainly due to massive amounts of immigration from just about every European nation during the past 500 years. This is also the very reason why Europeans and Americans share common values and maintain close cultural, economic, social and political issues. These values and issues can be seen in the close transatlantic relationship that the EU and the USA share. The USA has always been a strong supporter of integration between the nations of Europe. Today, that relationship is personified in the European Union. The USA has maintained a political relationship with the European Union since 1953. In 1961, the US mission to the European Communities, now the European Union, was established in Brussels, Belgium, which now serves as the headquarters for the European Commission. (

The European Commission is represented in the USA by a delegation in Washington, which was established in 1954. The delegation represents the Commission in its dealings with the US government. It reports on US developments to headquarters in Brussels, and acts as a liaison with other international institutions in Washington DC. A delegation in New York, accredited as observer to the United Nations, was established in 1964. (

Transatlantic Relationship

In order to maintain a successful transatlantic collaboration, the European Union and the USA hold regular presidential summits. These summits started as a result of the transatlantic declaration which was created in November 1990. This declaration formalized the USA's contacts with what was then the European Community. However, due to a growing number of external challenges including; terrorism and violence in the Middle East, it was necessary to go beyond the regular policies introduced by the transatlantic declaration. As a result, the leaders of the USA and the EU signed the New Transatlantic Agenda (NTA), which provided for joint action in four major fields:

* promoting peace and stability, democracy and development around the world

* responding to global challenges

* contributing to the expansion of world trade and closer economic relations

* Building bridges across the Atlantic

With the new NTA plan, other initiatives were created including the transatlantic economic partnership (TEP) and the "EU-US initiative to enhance transatlantic economic integration and growth." These new plans promoted the further economic integration across the Atlantic and maximize the potential for economic growth. (

The Impact on the Global Community

The benefits of these close economic relationships reach well beyond the EU and the USA. As leaders of the global market, the USA and the EU have a responsibility to work together positively in order to display constructive leadership to the rest of the world. Both the EU and the USA agree on moving forward while staying committed to issues of global importance. (

Balance of Trade

The trade


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