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Security Trader

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The financial occupation of a security trader is a highly rigorous and pressure filled position. A security trader must constantly be aware of the current market position, as well as be able to predict in the near future what the market will do, based both on past outcomes and personal predictions.

A position as a security trader is likely to be highly dictated by one's own self-motivation. Yearly income is based on commission, and being able to get new clients as well as retain old ones is based purely on the performance of the broker. If the broker can not provide a monetary gain for his client, then it puts more pressure on both the broker and the client, which could strain the relationship. Entry level individuals may find long hours and commission to be cumbersome out of the college environment but can eventually lead to be the keys to success within the field. Advancement within a firm also is based on the broker's work ethic, as it is solely up to the broker to decide how far he wishes to advance within the securities exchange market.

Andrew Charbonneau

Finance 323: Investments

Prof Kish

A security sales and trading agent is a financial occupation that I would hope to pursue upon graduation. Being a trader is something that has always been of interest to me, as it seems as though the fast pace and constant changes within the market would be a challenging yet rewarding job. The exchange of securities is an aspect of finance is under constant technological advancement, as computers have revolutionized the way that traders can trade bonds and stocks. Once there was only floor trading, but now thanks to the benefit of computers, desk traders have become a growing and more prominent part of securities exchange. The internet has also allowed for the globalization of world marketplaces, and is another reason for this growing financial division. Aside from globalization, the internet has allowed for more online trading firms to open, expanding the need for traders.

Generally speaking there are two kinds of traders: floor traders and desk traders. Floor traders is the occupation of one who physically runs around the trading


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