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                                                                        Daniel Mosier

Final Project Proposal

  • What is your topic?

The topic that I am choosing for my final project is Gatorade.

Gatorade is a leader is sports-drinks and fierce competitor in the world of fueling athletes and active people. From soccer in England to skateboarding in the favelas of Brazil, Gatorade sponsors athletes of all nationalities and produces a variety of products for active people to ensure the athlete in them in getting certain nutrients for physical success. Gatorade mainly in famous for their sports-drinks; however, various products that the company has created has widened the market for them. For example, they also sell the powder to make the drinks, as well as fruit-snacks and protein bars with certain nutritional value for training or any physical activity.

  • Why?

                I am choosing Gatorade because I have always consumed the beverages that they put out on the market and enjoyed the taste of the flavors and idea behind the brand. Gatorade sponsors some of the most famous, talented, champion athlete form all around the world. Some of the sports and athletes that are involved with Gatorade are some of my personal influences for sport and training. Gatorade does an amazing job of reaching markets of all nationalities and cultures, as well as relating to various trends and desires in those diverse cultural values. In the Hispanic outreach that Gatorade targets, one can look at the favorite sports and athletes of US Hispanics that are either sponsored by Gatorade, or simply consume or use a product that Gatorade sells.

  • How do you plan to carry out the project? (Secondary research, interviews, etc.)

                I plan on carrying out this project with the topic of Gatorade.

through various resources and personal research. Secondary research will be of great use, as Gatorade has a vast history and a high number of products that are sold. I will also conduct interviews with US Hispanics, as well as use statistics from the US Census and related data for successfully segregating the target market for my marketing plan. One more procedure I will carry out this project with is personally taking surveys and creating polls. Because I am from a part of South Florida where Hispanics make up the majority of the population, I can get a good sample size for what my poll question will consist of. For example, I will ask a certain number of US Hispanics that are entering a gym to exercise and ask which sports-drink they prefer and if that sports-drink’s marketing campaign successfully grab him or her as a consumer because of a Hispanic-related advertisement.


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