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Fedex Strategic Planning

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Federal Express, which is now called FedEx, is one of the nation's courier firm that offers overnight courier, heavy freight, ground, logistics, and document copying services. FedEx strategic planning defines how and what the organization expects to do to reach its vision. The mission statement, operating strategy and values of FedEx are going to be the discussion focus of this section of the paper.

The mission statement of FedEx is to provide access to a "growing global market place through a network of" transportation, high value supply chains, and related information services by making sure that customer requirements are met in the highest manner. FedEx will attempt to develop mutual relationship with its suppliers, partners and employees, and will prioritize safety in all its operations, and make sure that the organization's activities are conducted to the highest professional and ethical standards. FedEx diversity mission statement is to:

"Value the contributions and perspectives of all employees regardless of race, gender, culture, religion, age, nationality, disability, or sexual orientation." []

FedEx unique operating strategy works simultaneously and seamlessly on three levels. One of the levels is to operate independently while putting a focus on its independent networks "to meet distinct customer needs". Another level is to compete collectively "by standing as one brand worldwide and speaking one voice". The last level is to collaboratively manage by joining efforts together "to sustain loyal relationships" with its workforce investors and customers. []

The values of FedEx include loyalty, responsibility, integrity and people service innovation. FedEx values its people and promotes diversity in the workplace. It inspires and invents technologies and services


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