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Explain How the Study Ob May Enhance Your Personal Development

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Nguyen Quang Huy


Bus 314

Explain how the study OB may enhance your personal development


This report analyzes about what I have been learnt during the six weeks and the importance of Organizational Behavior affects to my life. And then, I will go into details of three theories that the most important which helps me develop and improve my working life.


Human Resource Management is an essential part for my life that contributes to development career in workplace. Moreover, it is always necessary for every single business and the development of department is the first step. Organizational behavior is a broad field, designs compensation programs, provide training to employees and managers, and communicate the critical information. As I am a student who will be graduated in the next year, have been prepared background knowledge and practical experience from useful and valuable course like Entrepreneurship, Fundamental of Business Finance and Professional Development Career.  Therefore, I think that Organizational Behavior is also indispensable course that taught me how to identify employee’s personality, measure each member’s the contribution. With the purpose of understanding and applying all of theories to each organization and individual are the important skill.

The organizational behavior’s theories which are important and applicable for me

Since I have been implementing big project that researching the high salary effects on job satisfaction in Vinamilk Company so I decide to get more detail on job satisfaction first in order to get understand clearly about this.

Firstly, I will talk about job satisfaction in regard to one’s feeling. In each organization, job can be influenced by variety of factors. Recently, the studies show that there have been factors effects on job satisfaction. Here are some elements describe the quality of employee’s relationship with supervisor, quality of physical environment in which they work, and degree of fulfillment in work. The company has different ways to bring equal and benefits for both the owner and staffs to increase the cooperation between staffs and productivity as well. In my opinion, positive attitude toward job are equivalent to job satisfaction while negative attitude toward job has been defined variously from time to time in the organization. Having a positive attitude help me experience plenty of positive emotions. If I was an employee in any organization, I will have a positive thinking about what has been doing since this way give a golden opportunity get things done. In addition the corporation each other that leads to positive attitude produces the effectiveness of working and staffs are ability to integrate into diverse working environment. In short, positive attitude could help staff face with the challenges in many situations.

Secondly, motivation is to inspire people to work, individually or groups in the ways such as produce best results. It is the willingness to exert high level of effort toward organizational goals, I mainly concentrate on two factor theory is that Dual-Factor Theory and Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory. (Emotions, Attitude and Job Satisfaction, n.d.). People are truly motivated by enabling them to reach for and satisfy to the factors that Herzberg identified as real motivators, such as achievement, advancement and development which represent a far deeper level of meaning and fulfillment. A company motivating youth and attracting young generation through flexible company policies and work environment, for example. The firm could observe the impact of motivation through external factors such as: company policy and administration, supervision, internal relations, achievement and so on. Some company share a healthy relationship with its employee and help them grow. Thus, it proves that employee expectations are met by the management. Besides that, there are several engagement activities that are carried out in order to keep motivate. For instance, the company operates for 5 days per week and employees can have the right absence on Saturday. On working Saturday, they have various engagement activities planned.

Thirdly, organizational culture is the personality of the organization. Culture is the comprised the assumptions, values, norms and tangible signs of organization’s members and their behaviors. In case, I will find out information about uniforms, salary and environment before I apply for job. For example, the culture of a large, profit corporation is quite different than that of hospital which is quite different than that of university. A strong culture brings people together. When people have the opportunities to communicate and get to know each other, they will find new connections. The connections will lead to new ideas and greater productivity. For example, Ford Motors, employees of today enjoy a workplace with a more open communication policy than their predecessors that might affect them. Ford Company also extend social welfare activities to communities to around their industrial units.

Apply it into the reality

I will utilize some methods to satisfy the employee’s job satisfaction and then it also a way to motivate the labor force’s attitude and belief in the organization with the purpose of gaining the goal and objective

There are two propositions concerning the satisfaction performance relationship. The first proposition is that satisfaction is the effect rather than the cause of performance that lead to rewards. In another proposition is that both job satisfaction and performance are considered to be functions of rewards. I carried out some the peoples’ needs.


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