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What Revolution Needs to Happen, If Any?

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Although forcing change is risky, when people see the benefits outweighing the costs, they may attempt to radically change, or revolt, against what they believe to be a wrongful system. The benefits of a revolt against climate change today are worth the risks. A revolution is an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed. Some major revolutions in history were The French revolution, The American revolution, and The Cuban revolution.

American Revolution was a revolt against England because of unfair taxes and not having any say in court. One risk of the revolution was that people (including slaves) could be killed if they were in battle. another risk is that people’s families would starve because they didn’t have any money. But on the other hand, if they succeeded America could be a free country with no unfair taxes while being an important part of the law making and other key factors of their country.

Slave Rebellions in America were revolts that slaves would organize against their “masters.” The benefits of a slave revolution are that if they succeeded they would be free but if they failed and died then maybe other slaves would be inspired to keep trying. A risk is that if they got caught alive then they could be tortured. So even if they failed and died they could get people to keep trying.

The benefits of a revolt against climate change today are worth the risks. One reason why is because if we keep polluting at the rate we are right now the planet may be uninhabitable in the very near future. Although people in the oil and coal industry may have a harder time finding jobs, the renewable energy industry will have a very big demand for jobs like, maintaining wind and water turbines, designing new types of solar panels, and building geothermal houses.


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