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The American Revolution

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the american revolution

Objective 1

Mercenary- A soldier supplied to anyone who wanted them, princes made money by doing this.

Legislation- A law making body.

Judiciary- The branch of courts in a government.

Executive- The leader or king

Republic- A government held by citizens who vote for leaders to make laws and run the country.

Objective 2

No, because some people were really mad at King George (mostly the northern colonies) but there were some loyalists who still wanted to make peace with him. Not all Colonists' were war like, most disliked war.

Objective 3

Washington was a tall man over six feet tall, big boned, well built, slim and powerful. He had grey blue eyes, auburn hair, with hands and feet so huge that people would make remarks about them. Washington was serious but never aggressive to his soldiers and happy all the time. He only talked when he had something to say.

Objective 4

1. Benjamin Franklin - Pennsylvania

2. John Adams - Massachusetts

3. Thomas Jefferson - Virginia

4. Francis Hopkinson - New Jersey

5. Stephen Hopkins - Rhode Island

6. Phillip Livingston - New York

7. Button Gwinnett - Georgia

8. Joseph Hewes - North Carolina

9. Benjamin Harrison - Virginia

10. John Rutledge - South Carolina

Objective 5

Not all of the congressmen were war like; the army was to protect the colonies. Some of the men were trying to make peace with the king.

Objective 6

The phrase "don't shoot till you see the whites of their eyes" comes from the battle of Bunker Hill. It meant wait until they are right over you to shoot.

Objective 7

The colonists were not well prepared with guns, powder, or bayonets. They also had little or no training and they were fighting the greatest power in the world.

Objective 8

Jefferson's reasons to write a declaration were:

1. Tell their beliefs about good government

2. Tell what King George had done wrong

3. Announce that the colonies were free and independent states

Objective 9

The slavery passage in the Declaration was taken out by the southern colonies. They were offended that the blame was on the south (people who buy the slaves), but not any blame on the north (people who catch slaves).

Objective 10

John Adams pushed the delegates to finally sign the Declaration.

Objective 11

If the delegates signed the Declaration and the British found it with all of their names they would be hung.

Objective 12

These three foreigners helped America in the war:

1. The Marquis De Lafayette

2. Baron Friedrich Von Steuben

3. Haym Salomon

Objective 13

The pay for soldiers in the war was rather cheap. See below:

Privates - $6 2/3 per month

Sergeants - $8.00 per month

Captains - $20.00 per month

Objective 14

Hessians were German soldiers from Hesse in Germany. They were bought by England to fight the colonies.

Objective 15

The conditions at Valley Forge were miserable, it was cold and snowy. The Schuylkill River had frozen over, there were no buildings for


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